Singled Out: Brady Novotny's Redemption's Cry

Brady Novotny

Melodic rocker Brady Novotny tells us the story behind the song "Redemption's Cry" from his new LP "Passions Collide". Here is the story:

The story behind Redemption's Cry is kind of a mysterious one. I remember that it was a warm September evening. I went down to my studio to just play my guitar. I really just wanted to play and not to write, but somehow this song was ready to be birthed. When the baby is ready to come out, there is no stopping it. So as I was noodling around I started to play this melody line, and I immediately grabbed my phone and hit the recording app. The melody literally was playing in my head, and my fingers were trying to keep up with it. The song felt like it was being downloaded to my brain from a spiritual place. I have had similar things happen, but by far this song was the most clear, and it had a very urgent feeling attached to it.

The next day, I went on a run and was listening to it, and I knew that this song needed lyrics rather than being an instrumental piece. Up to that point, I felt that it had some anthem type qualities to it, so in my head I had just been calling it "Anthem". And then suddenly the title popped into my head - "Redemption's Cry". Once again, the thought just felt like it was downloaded; I really did not have to think about it. I just knew. I went home and put chords and rhythm to the melody, and by the end of the weekend the instrumental version was complete. Then I just needed lyrics.

I went to my drummer, because he is a great lyricist. I basically told him that I needed lyrics that portrayed Redemption as a separate heavenly being, and that in the song it is pleading or crying to humanity to see the gift of salvation. Within a few days, he had the lyrics ready for me. As the day approached for the vocal track to be recorded, a lot of natural disasters (2018) in the U.S. and a school shooting happened the same week. My wife, who sang on the recording, recalls crying while she was preparing to sing the song in the studio due to everything going on in the world at that time. It was very emotional and seemed very timely. I believe the song was written to provide some hope in a very turbulent time in history.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself and learn more about the album right here!

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Singled Out: Brady Novotny's Passions Collide

Singled Out: Brady Novotny's Redemption's Cry

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