Singled Out: Our Fire's Hard To Breathe (Week in Review)

Our Fire

Singled Out: Our Fire's Hard To Breathe was a top story on Friday: Our Fire recently released a video for their first official single "Hard To Breath." Today, they tell us the story behind the track. Here is the story:

The song basically popped out of thin air at the end of a recording session we had at Circle House in Miami. Nicole was just messing around on the guitar and the melody came really quickly. We literally had enough time left in the session to just do a quick rough vocal take of the hook melody, but we did have the phrase "I'm trying not to hurt nobody, but you're making me believe that I make it hard to breathe now." It was kind of chilling listening to that take because it sounds so raw in the recording and it makes you think about what the words really meant. After sitting on just a simple guitar demo for a few days, we started piecing together the words for the verse which gives the hook and title more clarity. In "Hard To Breathe," the narrator struggles with anxiety in an effort to please those around him. We want the message of the song to be empowering to the listener, and that you shouldn't try to please others if you can't even please yourself. Those that love you will always be understanding and we should remind ourselves we are only human. We cannot please everyone, and that's OK. The song coincidentally came out the week after Mental Health Awareness Week which was so cool because it wasn't even planned to be that way. The initial reaction and messages we received was the strongest we have had on a release (with already hundreds of thousands of streams on multiple platforms). We want to help people through our music and hope songs like this can inspire others in a creative and emotional way!

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen and watch for yourself - right here!

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Singled Out: Our Fire's Hard To Breathe