Singled Out: A Page Unturned's Reflection (Week in Review)

A Page Unturned

Singled Out: A Page Unturned's Reflection was a top story on Tuesday: L.A. pop punk rockers A Page Unturned recently released their latest single "Reflection" and to celebrate we asked Damon Porras (vocals / bass) to tell us about the track. Here is the story:

It was a random rehearsal day during the time we were finishing up the songs for the E.P. I got this idea in my head for a bass line and guitar part. I also had this lyric in my head for about a week before that went "I can see my own reflection but it doesn't stare back at me". So it struck me as something quite dark when it went along with the bass that I was thinking.

I played the bass part out to Ryan without really explaining all that much other than it having a blink 182 vibe. Ryan then wrote this really cool intricate drum part that was spot on to what I was thinking, it really gave the song a strong foundation and an almost "industrial" sound. It had this super cool groove that I then added the little octave notes to the bass to groove better with what he wrote. Then I shared the guitar melody I had in mind to Yoshi and he just added more elements to it to expand the sound. I worked out the chord progressions and then we worked out the arrangement for the rest of the rehearsal day. I worked out the vocal melody and lyrics over time. This song was fun to work on because we all got to experiment with it and add cool new things which was a first for us.

For the lyrics, I just built off that one lyric I had and I talked about going through depression and feeling regret. It's a very honest song and I think the song was an important step for us to expand our themes and be able to write about darker situations. However, it was almost not going to be released because Yoshihiro felt it was too different from the other songs we had. I suggested we can put it to the side when it comes to our set, and we can just mess around with it during rehearsals. Over time, the song became a regular part of our set and we later on decided to make it a single to show off an added element to our overall sound as a band.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself - right here!

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Singled Out: A Page Unturned's Reflection