Singled Out: Carpathia's Sacrifice


Boston alt-prog-metal rockers Carpathia recently released their new EP "1912" and to celebrate we asked frontwoman Samantha Alice to tell us about the track "Sacrifice". Here is the story:

For several years I had been in a relationship that was less than best, one filled with lies and complications that came with a person who was unable to set their past aside. I remember arriving to practice that day with an extremely heavy heart. Andrew was working on his intro and in that moment, what I felt, I could hear, the flooding feelings of the depression, fighting, continuous arguments, and the end never being in sight that had been caught in my head. I remember the contradiction of wanting the relationship to end, but feeling unable to walk away from someone I cared so much about. It felt like a kind of addiction.

The second verse, "I climbed so high I feel like falling, I got so high on all the warnings" along with, "What kind of life are you dying for?" came about in an attempt to connect those feelings to that sort of addiction. In the bridge, "I'll fight today I'll fight today, I'll fight you" was almost like a message to myself that it would be the last time I would allow myself to fight for this person. In all the times I had gone back, stated in the line, "I hear your voice and I return" was a calling I felt, and when acted on, only left me with more pain.

A person like that would never be capable of loving you the way you deserve and that was something I unfortunately had to come to terms with. I recall listening to the song over and over, hoping it would one day set in, that I wouldn't be happy, and I would feel that endless void and in turn would make the right choice for myself.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself right here!

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Singled Out: Carpathia's Sacrifice

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