Jared & The Mill Unplug For 'Wilderness Call' Video

Jared The Mill

Jared & The Mill have released a video for their brand new acoustic version of the song "Wilderness Call," which features a guest appearance from Monica Martin of Phox fame.

Frontman Jared Kolesar had this to say about Martin's guest appearance, "It was special for me to have Monica come in and sing this song in the video with me.

"I've loved singing with her since we've met, and she's become a really great friend of mine; plus, I think having a girl's voice helps tell the story with a bit more clarity."

Kolesar says that the song is "sort of a bargaining dialogue with the self, the self-reflection of 'I may have done things I regret, but that doesn't make me a bad person'.

"I have a firm belief that in order to truly be a good person, you have to have things in your past you wish you hadn't done, it builds empathy and opens up the mind when one experiences that kind of emotion. And I hope this video introduces that thought to the viewer at least a little bit." Watch the video here

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Jared & The Mill Unplug For 'Wilderness Call' Video

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