Singled Out: Motanka's Verba


Motanka are releasing their self-titled debut album via Napalm Records this week (June 6th) and to celebrate we asked Victor Verba to tell us about the song "Verba." Here is the story:

Hello, greetings to all readers from 'Motanka' from mystical western Ukraine. I am Victor Verba and I am happy to meet you here.

I would like to tell you something about released song from upcoming MOTANKA album.First of all I want to start from words of 104 years old man who lived in Carpathian mountains in Western Ukraine. His name was Andrii Voron.

'Where the grain will fall there the sprouts grow'
I want to tell you voices which whispered me: ' You will be always the part of the land where you were born and grew up. You will never run from it... Never, even when you become an ashes'.

The roots of the song come from the souls of the ancestors and mystical traditions of Ukraine. They always guides my thoughts and intentions.
All I want to say that I as the author of the song cannot say that I have written it. The energy of the Motherland and souls of the ancestors opened a quantum field for my brain. That's why I had experience to catch and convert the lyrics and the melody into the material world. It happened by an accident. The song was already existing in the space when I heard it.

At that moment I was near the mystical river which called Styr (in my hometown Lutsk). I see and feel it clearly even now. It was already night and these wild trees which swayed ... the mazarine river, a dark field on the other side of the water and strong emotions of the moment. Eventually I closed my eyes and something happened...I've seen the immense light and I've felt warmth. That was epiphany. I didn't want to go from that state. After a little while I heard the melody of singing birds in my head. The voices where so strong and definite, they sang the most touchable melody which I heard. Then thousands voices appeared which whispered ---''Verba... Verba 'Verba''.

The name 'Verba' means ‚Willow tree' - it is a powerful symbol of Ukraine. There is an expression '??? ????? ? ?????? ????? ???????' It means 'There is no Ukraine without willow tree and viburnum'.
When I have caught the lyrics I have got strong images in my mind from the history of my country and the whole world. So the whisper referred to the most cruel, shaming and hurtful parts of the history. In these views different nations fought for their Freedom, Life and for the Word.

"Our Language is a Nightingale, Our Earth is One" - this is a line from the song which shows that our language is not only the way of speaking and sharing verbal information but the most powerful Weapon which saves and protect us, which guides us the whole life.

'Our souls are flying nearby,
They are praising their land.
Its branches are waving in the wind.
There are sprouts - you and me.' - important lines from song.

So Verba is about everyone,
about nations about people which have comprehended that it's their responsibility to respect and protect traditions and the Land of their ancestors.

I hope this song is about you as well...

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself and learn more about the album right here!

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Singled Out: Motanka's Verba

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