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The Rods

The Rods released their brand new album "Brotherhood Of Metal" this week (June 7th) and to celebrate we asked Carl Canedy to tell us about the song "1982". Here is the story:

I wrote this song quite by accident. I was playing my guitar and trying to write a riff that I thought would work for the new Rods album. I got frustrated when nothing was coming to me and finally put down my guitar and walked away. The next day I was thinking about old friends, and how with our new album being released, all the years that have passed since our first days together. I also started thinking of the many people we've met along the journey. Steve Starmer, our first bass player who was and is a very funny guy, and how Craig Gruber, our second bass player was no longer with us along with our good friend Al Falso. Al Falso, who had helped us in so many ways by allowing us to rehearse above his store, bought us coffee and gave us credit when we had no money to buy gear,

With all this rolling around in my head I picked up my guitar and thankfully the music came together rather quickly. I recorded my guitar track as I usually do for the guys. I call them my "30 Minute Demos" and starting building it from there. I pulled out my bass and added that and then laid down the drum track. Since I now record my drums at home, I simply need to hit record and I'm tracking drums.

Once all that was down I took all of the pieces I had in my head and starting writing the lyrics doing my best to be accurate and in correct chronological order. The song came together very quickly at that point. I did struggle with the bridge section which contains the titles of Rods songs for a few days. That actually took some time choosing the songs. I would try different titles and in different orders until I settled on what you now hear.

Once that was done I did a scratch vocal for the guys to hear (God bless them for listening to my guide vocals). The guitar solo pulled it all together and the song was complete and ready for the band to record it. . I have to say I was really happy that it turned out as well as it did and that we now have a song that is a retrospective of our careers. Not all songs turn out as well as you first heard them in your head. 1982 came pretty close for me. I'm happy it's now in our catalog of song. I'm also amazing I'm writing about The Rods 39 years on and that the music has gotten heavier during that time.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself and learn more about the album right here!

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