Singled Out: Kaleido's Pretending


Detroit Rock veterans Kaleido are gearing up to play The Warped Tour in Atlantic City on June 29th and to celebrate we asked vocalist Christina Chriss to tell us about their brand new single "Pretending". Here is the story:

Our song "Pretending" was born from my frustrations with feeling that I needed to always be okay, always be the strong one. Even if I was freaking out on the inside, I had the pressure to keep my mouth shut, put on a smile and "get over it" on my shoulders. I've found that the only thing harder than the actual internal battle with anxiety, depression and addiction is faking a smile and pretending you're fine on the outside. The lyrics came straight from my mouth.. feeling broken down I said "I'm tired of pretending I'm okay". Our mental health deserves as much attention as our physical health. We'll go to the doctor for physical ailments, but are made to feel embarrassed or ashamed when we feel hopeless, and not okay, mentally. It's okay to not be okay, sometimes. I hope that the song reaches everyone who needs to hear it and I hope that mental health is taken more seriously. I've lost too many friends to addiction and suicide, and I often wonder if they'd still be here if they would have felt that they could reach out for help.

This song decided to 'show up' at an odd time. My band and I were in the middle of having a Christmas party with some of our friends, Joey grabbed an acoustic guitar and I just started singing the hook. It was like it came out of thin air. Everyone at the party stopped talking and immediately started paying attention. It was profound that the song came out at that moment.. In a time of fun and celebration, when I was literally pretending to be okay for my friends, and the party, and the holidays... my message just had to find its way out and it resonated with everyone in the room.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself and learn more about the album right here!

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