Cold Streaming First Song From Brand New Album


Cold have returned and are streaming a brand new track called "Shine". The song comes from their forthcoming album "The Things We Can't Stop".

The record, their first release with Napalm Records, is set to hit stores on Friday, September 13th. Ward explained the inspiration for the new single, "It's about dealing with physical abuse at home and becoming triumphant over bullying. I faced bullying throughout my early formative years. I'm hoping it helps someone feel not so alone if they're going through it right now."

He also had this to say about how the album got started, "I needed life to happen to be able to create," he admits. "There were probably around 15 years where all I did was live and breathe the band. I needed to separate from that to remember what it was like to not have it anymore. It was extremely important for me to spend time with my family.

"I did experience writer's block for the first time in my life during the process though. It was brutal, because the one thing I've always had-left me. It seemed the series of events in my life had taken away my soul. It turned around. I've remained adamant about evolving a bit with each record. Approaching every chapter as a new beginning is paramount and necessary for it to be a true Cold album."

The album is said to be a return to the band's alternative roots and after tracks were laid down at various locations across the country, Ward laid down his parts at his home studio in California and in the woods of Pennsylvania at Nick Coyle'a [guitar, keys, backing vocals].

"Every time we begin a record, I wait for the music to tell me what the songs will be about. I can never start a record with a preconceived notion of how it will end. The notes from the piano dictate the stories within the songs. I needed this to be an album with elements from all of the past albums...along with a new sound.

"As songs started forming, I felt they helped me deal with things happening in my life. They were therapeutic. It seemed powerful in that it took all of the bad things going in my head and gave me hope."

Ward concluded, "When you listen to this, if you're going through something tragic, maybe you can take a small bit of hope that you're not alone.

"To me, Cold means family. The fans who have stayed with us throughout the years and the people who have worked with us and are all connected through the music. The shows are reunions. These people have become my life. I'm extremely thankful." Check out "Shine" here

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