Singled Out: Rosy Vista's Crazy

Rosy Vista

German rockers Rosy Vista recently released their new album "Unbelievable" and to celebrate we asked Anca Graterol to tell us about the song "Crazy". Here is the story:

The text from 'Crazy' actually dates back to our breakup in the early nineties. Back then we were hit on an unbelievable amount by boys or men on tour. We love playing with our audience in a charming and uncomplicated way, but we are not simply fair game.

There were always men in the audience who thought they were the greatest: show-offs and dazzlers, who thought that we were each waiting only for them. But on stage we are the show - "look, but don't touch"! In fact, back then we actually only ever had music in our heads.

Short example story that inspired us to do the lyrics : One day after a gig we left the venue quite late and there was a guy wearing an expensive white suite, playing with his expensive car keys round his hands saying: "Ladies, I got exactly what you love" - We laughed out loud, he was irritated, turned his back to us and said while leaving "You don't know what you're missing" ... We took the shuttle back to the hotel.

"Crazy" settles old scores with these supposed Gigolos, but - and this is important to Rosy Vista - with a little wink of the eye. This is not about pointing the finger, because we four ladies, with a hearty laugh, simply hold a mirror up to the faces of these self-proclaimed Prince Charmings.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself and learn more about the album right here!

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Singled Out: Rosy Vista's Crazy

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