System Of A Let Down Over New Music Possibilities

System Of A Down

System Of A Down guitarist Daron Malakian has two or three albums worth of new music but at this time it does not seem likely that the music will be used by the band.

Malakian has been promoting his latest Scars On Broadway album "Dictator" and the inevitable questions about a new System Of The Down album came up.

When speaking with L.A. radio station here about his future plans for new music he revealed that he has "two or three" albums worth of material.

He explained, "I think my material usually works for both bands, so if System Of A Down decides to make a record at some point, I think I'll have material for that. But the thing is I'm just not waiting anymore to see what's going on."

Daron went on to explain the roadblocks to new SOAD music, "People change - as time goes on, tastes change and people want to take the band in different directions, and you have other members that maybe don't want to go into those directions.

"So we just haven't come to agreement on how we would want to do it if we did make a record. I never say never, but at this point, it's not likely that it's going to happen anytime soon."

While new music does not seem likely right now, fans can catch the band live at the Sonic Temple Festival in Columbus, OH on May 17th and the next day at Chicago Open Air.

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