Singled Out: Fuel On Fire's Figured You Out

Fuel On Fire

Buffalo, NY sibling rockers Fuel On Fire recently released their new single "Figured You Out" and to celebrate we asked them to tell us about the track. Here is the story:

The early version of "Figured You Out" was actually a rap track. The nasty beat and bass line were too cool to sing over so rapping felt better but alas, gingers can't rap so we ended up just singing along with the bass and it turned out to be DOPE (is "dope" still a thing?).

The lyrics are about that friend you know really well and have a monster crush on, but they're not picking up what you're laying down, so you write a song about it and hope they hear it and call you, but they probably never will and you will probably die alone which is really sad, but your band has a new song to play so all is not lost. At least we'll always have each other - pros of being in a family band with your brothers.

This is the first track that we as a band feel is totally different from anything else we have done. It's hard to be a pop-rock boy band and not sound like One Direction. We're all gamers and tech geeks and we were shooting for a video game feel in this track. We hope the syncopated groove earworms other people like it has us.

The video came from us revisiting our days as young kids when we'd make directionless short films with our friends. A couple of those guys happened to be visiting us in Nashville at the time we were thinking of making the video.

We wrote and shot the story scenes in a day and improvised a lot of them. The opening scene has the hapless main character camping by a creek that runs behind our house. Let's talk about the creek. We've got a long-running inside joke that whenever one of us is slacking when we're supposed to be working on something important for the band we'll say, "Oh, I can't. I have to go gaze at the creek with my grandma." We figured we'd commemorate it with that scene. Now you know.

Back to our love of technology, we made the video in virtual reality and included a few Easter eggs. You can see them with or without a VR viewer. We had a blast experimenting with VR, and we're excited for "Figured You Out" to be released!

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself and learn more about the album right here!

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Singled Out: Fuel On Fire's Figured You Out

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