Singled Out: A Brilliant Lie's The Tarot

A Brilliant Lie

A Brilliant Lie are releasing their new EP "Threads: Weaver" on March 29th and to celebrate we asked Tara Lightfoot to tell us about the song "The Tarot". Here is the story:

"The Tarot" was actually one of the last songs we demoed for our upcoming EP "Threads: Weaver". As a band, we set out to write many more songs than we typically do (around 20 songs for this EP) and then we narrowed it down to 10 that got lyrics and live demos.

During the writing process, we all wrote. Sometimes it was together in the room, or sometimes a member would present a relatively-fleshed out idea. Matthew came in with a rough idea of what would end up being "The Tarot." Of course (at the time), we just had a nickname for the song which was "Sloppy Joe Perry" (probably because it was a quick, sloppy demo).

(Fun-fact: all of our songs have silly nicknames and aren't properly-named until we decide to use them in the studio).

We worked on the upcoming EP with producer James Paul Wisner (Paramore, Underoath, Hands Like Houses, etc.) and he helped sift through our music and guided us as to which five songs should make the cut. Tracking this particular song with James was a great experience. He has a knack for accomplishing very specific tones that are appropriate for each part of the song. Furthermore, he's very good at layering sounds to give the songs weight and texture. So not only were we playing...like...three different guitars through three different amps in some parts, but we also were able to add some "ear candy" like synth, organs, piano, etc.

Vocally, some of the harmony stacks were written outside of the studio, and then tweaked and built upon in the moment (in other words...when we were all sitting in the room). That can be very nerve-wracking...but finding parts "in the moment" can also be very magical. So, it really all came together in the end, and we couldn't be more excited about it!

Musically, we knew we wanted another song on the EP to have moments of high energy...but also dig into some dramatic moments (in this case, the choruses). Lyrically - we wanted to tap into the notion of feeling lost and having doubt about choices in life. That can be a career, a relationship, and more. We all feel beside ourselves sometimes, despite our best efforts.

And that's ok.

But feeling lost doesn't mean that you are alone...nor have to FEEL alone.

But if you DO feel lost...and you want to know...then the cards will show.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself and learn more about the album right here!

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Singled Out: A Brilliant Lie's The Tarot

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