Singled Out: Killin Candace's Miss Deception

Killin Candace

Killin Candace recently released a Matt Zane directed video for their single "Miss Deception" from their debut EP and to celebrate we asked mastermind Aaron Lee to tell us about the song. Here is the story:

So a little trivia about the song - it was the last song written for the 'Tales of Heartbreak & Homicide' EP. I actually ended up scratching another song that I had intended on recording and replaced it with "Miss Deception", just one month before going into the studio with my producer!

I had the main chorus section and one of the verses written out (with the exception of the end part of the chorus), and this had been floating around in my head for a few months. Then one day I picked up my guitar and started really thrashing out the song, and I naturally felt this really punky vibe to it, and a bigger, more "anthem-like" chorus. Since I had the concept and theme for the song pretty much mapped out, the chorus lyrics, which ultimately led to me titling the song "Miss Deception" fell into place perfectly. After that, I quickly arranged the order and parts, and the second verse came together pretty swiftly too!

The general message and storyline are related to a true story and event(s), and as 'emo' as it's going to sound it's about a previous partner in which a lot of emotional damage was done (on both of our parts). Part of the therapy, recovery and moving on from all of that was me pouring how I felt into the music and songs, instead of just sitting around and being bitter about the whole situation. Putting time into composing and writing these real lyrics, about a "real" scenario, actually ended up allowing me to fully recover from that, set me up with a solid EP opener, and also helped restore my faith and belief in all things love and lust related...haha!

Lyrics like "don't be a hypocrite and talk your s**t, then turn up to my funeral...pick a side of the line little honey, 'cause there's no in-between..." are very honest and to the point, about everything that was going on regarding the situation, and aftermath, of the relationship breakdown. So in me expressing all of this in the lyrical content - I could not have been more honest about the way I delivered this song, the story etc.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself right here!

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Singled Out: Killin Candace's Miss Deception

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