Singled Out: As Strange As Angels' Mirror Mirror

As Strange As Angels

As Strange As Angels will be releasing their debut EP next month to celebrate asked Norman Matthew (Murder FM) to tell us about the lead single "Mirror Mirror". Here is the story:

"Mirror Mirror" is by far, the biggest evolution for me musically, lyrically, melodically and spiritually. I connected my soul to the song in ways I never thought I could. I phrased and shaped a melody completely opposite of anything I had ever done. Lyrically, we captured a theme and musically, we laid down a mid-tempo groove that set the tone and musical canvas in such a way I have never tried. Getting my professional start in music at 17, everything I did was full of venom and vinegar, slowing it down and telling a story wasn't an option, haha! It had to be full throttle and in your face. So - to pull it back, and let the story evolve was completely new ground for me.

I flew into LA in November 2018, amidst the fires happening in California to work with Producer, Co-Writer and former RA front man, Sahaj Ticotin (Starset, Sevendust). So the scene in the skies were surreal - the studio was minutes away from the fires. There was this sense of urgency throughout the entire song for so many reasons. One, we were on a very short timeline of less than 48hours to capture two songs. Minute by minute you couldn't help but check the status of the fires. It created this ominous presence around the entire thing. At any moment something was going to give.....

Sahaj motivated and pushed me in ways I wasn't even sure I could do. I came into the situation with tons of self-doubt because I been through some personal stuff that was holding me back from feeling confident about my own music. There was a moment where I felt like I didn't belong, that I couldn't do this the way it needed to be done. I was questioning my place in the universe, which led to the line "Can I find my place in the stars". But Sahaj kept pushing me, because he believed in me. It helped break the fear and we tore down that wall. You can truly feel the emotion in the song when listening to "Mirror Mirror". I wanted to create something that would transcend to the listener, so that they could apply to their own story in life and hopefully help motivate them. I want the song to convey that ultimately it's gonna be ok - we aren't alone.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself and learn more about the album right here!

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Singled Out: As Strange As Angels' Mirror Mirror

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