Singled Out: Another Day Dawns' Psycho

Another Day Dawns

Another Day Dawns recently released their new EP "A Different Life" and to celebrate we asked singer Dakota Sean to tell us about the song "Psycho". Here is the story:

Our new single "Psycho" has a lot of dark meanings behind it. I'm mostly referring to my past relationships when I'm speaking about "my little psycho" and "my little freakshow" in the first and second verse. I'm one of those people who don't really say much or let any of that out but when I do, all hell breaks lose.

It just kinda covers about how I think relationships can be competitive on the whole "who can hurt who the most"aspect. Not saying all my past relationships were downhill, but a 9/10 is a pretty good ratio. Writing this song I had a lot of hate and anger on my mind. Just getting out of a bad relationship, losing my car, falling back on my bills etc..just literally anything, I was blaming this and using it as and excuse to let out all my frustration. I would always play back fights I had in my head of the previous breakups and I would just write and write until I filled up about 2 pages worth of material. So if anything, I guess I could thank them in a way? I just feel writing with true emotion is the best way to get everything I have to say off my chest and let the fans and audience really know what's happening with the song. I truly believe I get that point across pretty well live and in the studio.

Back to the whole competition aspect, I really feel as if I nailed it on the head with that because that's what most relationships are nowadays. She does something that grinds your gears then you play back just to get even. I just took it up a couple notches and made it more known that I'm not just crazy, I'm f***ing Psycho.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself and learn more about the EP right here!

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