Singled Out: Coldswell's Fairweather


Alt rockers Coldswell will be releasing their debut album "Void Calls" on June 21st and today guitarist Ian Hudson and singer Evan Krise tell us about the lead single "Fairweather". Here is the story:

Ian Hudson: Fairweather came to being by my messing around with my bass in my bedroom, attempting to come up with something in the vein of Joy Division's Disorder. However, I wanted it to have a more sombre, shoegaze-y edge by incorporating the descending and ascending 7th chords that Evan seems to play a lot. I wasn't exactly sure of how the song structure would eventually turn out, but Evan and Brandon eventually helped out with that. The guitar is realistically the most complicated part of the song...otherwise it's just a drum and bass vamp until the bridge. The bridge sort of spawned from wanting something juxtaposed from everything else and having a driving energy. The synths were a secondary addition during the tracking process.

Lyrically, I felt like something with such a sad guitar part needed equally-dreary subject matter. I'm personally terrible at writing lyrics as it stands now, so I told Evan, "Write something about a person enduring a toxic friendship and deciding how to cope with it" I was quite pleased to hear the end result, as it can translate to a multitude of relationships albeit platonic, romantic, or otherwise.

Evan Krise: As I was approaching the lyrics to this song I went about it in a similar way to many of our songs. I like to start by just singing along to the song without lyrics and trying to see what words jump out to me by just making them up on the spot. I took Ian's basic idea for the lyrical concept and expanded on it. As it is with all of our songs I like to relate them to myself and my experiences, but this one kind of takes that and changes it up a bit. Parts of the lyrics on this song are a reflection of myself in a way as well as completing Ian's original vision for the song. I know one of my flaws is that I'm not always the best at communicating and that is something I've tried to work on. Since the song is about a fairweather friend I know that there are parts of that that reflect on my self and i wanted to be able to translate both sides of that to the listener.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself right here!

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Singled Out: Coldswell's Fairweather

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