Singled Out: Lovesick Radio's Bloodshot Eyes

Lovesick Radio

Lovesick Radio recently released their new single "Bloodshot Eyes" and to celebrate we asked vocalist Troy Brown to tell us about the song. Here is the story:

"Bloodshot Eyes" for me started with just the anthemic guitar part. The moment Dave sent it over, I knew it was special. As I started thinking about all the great rock anthems, I wanted to do everything I could to honor the guitar work and give it the right melody and swagger...however, knowing that it felt special and just had something different about it, I also felt a responsibility to put something out that had great meaning and could be more than just a sing along and one a dimensional track. So my objective was to write something fun and catchy that everyone could sing along to, but also write a personal story that people could dive deep into and find inspiration or hope.

The topic I chose to accomplish this was depression. Not only is it something I have personally dealt with, but I feel a lot of people struggle with as well. It is almost ironic to write an upbeat song about depression but again I felt the song was special and was such a great canvas I wanted to honor the song and use the platform to speak about something close to my heart.

Depression is obviously a serious topic and most people who suffer keep it hidden. Some people find a way out, some don't, however... we all try different things to cope. The other thing to consider is not all depression is the same...some is long term and needs counseling or medications, some is simply a bad day that can be cured with a great night out with friends and a cold drink. There is no "one size" fits all, and that was the idea behind "Bloodshot Eyes". While most people will see it as a drinking song, I want people to know it is more than that...its a song about not being alone...and there are many ways we can get bloodshot eyes...maybe its a drink, maybe its a smoke, or maybe its just a great conversation with a friend or loved one that ends in tears...no matter what the cause..."I say scars were meant to fade, and good things can be made with "Bloodshot Eyes". At the end of the day, it is a song of hope.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself right here!

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Singled Out: Lovesick Radio's Bloodshot Eyes

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