Singled Out: Siamese's Super Human


Copenhagen rockers Siamese released their new album "Super Human" today (May 24th) and to celebrate we asked singer Mirza Radonjica-Bang to tell us about the title song featuring Olivio. Here is the story:

I've been living a somewhat rootless life with only few things in my possession, its been so most of my twenties (still is so in some ways). Maybe a glimpse into my background to make it all make sense. I have a background as a refugee from the Balkan wars, living most of my childhood life in refugee camps, having my 13 year old sister home teach me letters, mathematics and so on. My father was a raging alcoholic, my brother was left back in our home country and a mother desperately wanting to return to a war torn country. Super Human came to be a song which would try and make a clean slate. Accept the suffering and try to move on, no matter how much sh*t you had to endure, and no matter how aware you are that the background story is the ghost that has left you miserable. It's a somewhat cleansing feeling realizing that you are who you are, accepting the flaws that you and people close to you have made. Lyrically I wanted to open up. I'm here to talk about it. Finally.

Soundwise and structurally this song is nothing like the rest of the album. Its strong RnB vibe is a dark horse to say the least. Also its the only song with a feature. Olivio just happened to be in the studio complex where we were making the songs. At first I did the verses, which I have written and made up BUT in the context of that beat I just sounded to damn white. My voice didn't fit, we needed a smoother deeper vocalist to nail it. Olivio was outstanding in the studio and we are happy with how the song turned out, knowing that It would come to be the only ballad on the album, and also a song that surely would divide our fanbase into two. But its all about taking chances. Considering the theme and lyrical concept of the song, it just had to be on the album.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself and learn more about the album right here!

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Singled Out: Siamese's Super Human

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