Singled Out: SpankTheNun

William Lee | 09-14-2019

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Electro/industrial group SpankTheNun recently released their "Mind Control" EP and to celebrate we asked Eric Hanes to tell us about the song "Rotting Meat". Here is the story:

Rotting Meat is a song that has been dancing around in my head for years, and several times I tried to sit down and get it out of my head and into a proper song. But, I kept getting stuck. I always knew what the beginning would sound like, it was something I knew had to call back to the days when I would go to the club to hear some of my favorite tracks by EBM and Industrial bands like BiGod 20, Leather Strip and Skinny Puppy. I knew it needed an opening that brought me back to those days.

But I always got stuck and the words wouldn't come and the bridge and the chorus just weren't there. So I would put the song away and not think about it for months. Then a day came when I had a tune in my head and the words still weren't there yet, but then I was watching a Sci-Fi show Altered Carbon and it the words started clicking and I knew I had something. So I opened up an old track I had worked on and forgot about months earlier and I started arranging a verse and bridge. I started with something like "we are just carbon, some rotten and some meat..." then I kept at it just kinda whispering fractures of words and sounds until it started to fit. Those words gave way to a less sci-fi vibe and more of a serial killer tone. Lines like "Your just a tiny little piece of meat" and "no one can hear you scream" can directly tell the story of an abduction or murder or it could also translate to how we feel inside often in this dark world all alone.

The hooks in the song, like "Mind Control My Mind..." came when I whispered a bunch of stuff into the microphone with some delay and went back and carved out the pieces that could work.

Out of that came the beginning of parts like, "Brain loop." Which sounds like I sampled it from a movie or something and also "Mind Control My Mind" which was a couple pieces pasted together and then I resang them later.

When I reached out to Claus Larsen of Leather Strip and Scott from iVardensphere I just asked them to put their spin on it and pull out of it what inspired them. And, the both latched on to completely different parts and both turned out some amazing remixes that will live forever in the clubs.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself right here!

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Singled Out: SpankTheNun

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