Singled Out: Witch Taint's Sons Of Satan

Keavin Wiggins | 04-08-2020

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Witch Taint

Witch Taint are releasing their new album "Sons of Midwestern Darkness" this week and to celebrate they share a conversation about the track "Sons of Satan", making for one of the coolest Singled Out specials. Here is the story:

LANCE THE KING OF BLACK METAL: "Sons of Satan" is the very first song Witch Taint ever officially released after forming the band in 2003 and then remaining mostly dormant in trve underground and kvlt fashion from mid-2005 to early 2017. I mean, we made T-shirts that whole time, but we never wrote any actual songs because honestly the T-shirt thing was eating up all our spare time. Even just finding the right sized envelope can be a total pain in the ass sometimes.

MATTHIAS BACKWARDS: We do not write "songs." "Songs" are for pussies. We write "works" of depressive and extreme musics.

LANCE THE KING OF BLACK METAL: Anyway, cuz of the song title, a lot of people assume Satan must have had sexual intercourse with our mothers but that is simply not the case, at least not that we know of. Then again, it's hard to really know cuz moms lie about all kinds of sh*t all the time, sometimes just to protect us but other times because they've got secrets just like everybody else.

The inspiration for the song is just that we are really, really into Satan. Despite getting a pretty bad rap, Satan is a super decent guy most of the time with the possible exception of Godfather III and that Ed Hardy clothing line, both of which were total money grabs on his part if you ask me.

MATTHIAS BACKWARDS: He was much better in Devil's Advocate co-starring Keanu Reeves and Charlize Theron.

LANCE THE KING OF BLACK METAL: That's true- I forgot about that one- it's pretty solid. Anyway, we wanted to the song to be extremely extreme, so it starts with a minor chord and then goes to another minor chord just one half-step down, which is one of the scariest things that can happen in music (aside from that one song Santana did with the guy from Matchbox 20).

MATTHIAS BACKWARDS: Stop, you are scaring me!

LANCE THE KING OF BLACK METAL: We had considered not even writing any more of the song after that because that alone would be too much for most people to handle and they'd probably have to turn it off and go sit in front of one of those sun lamps or something, but we decided to keep going anyway because it would be weird to have all that blank space on the album right after those two terrifying chords.

MATTHIAS BACKWARDS: Needless to say, if a song is not completely brutal and extreme, we simply do not write it. I mean, "work" that is, not song!

LANCE THE KING OF BLACK METAL: Like all of our songs, "Sons of Satan" features backup opera vocals from La Sinistra. Most heavy metal bands do not have a trained opera singer in the band, but we do because we are the best at music.

MATTHIAS BACKWARDS: She hates being called "trained" opera singer, how do you not know this? She is a dark and brooding opera singer who obtained masters in opera musics or some such thing from North ... what is this college, Northwestern?

LANCE THE KING OF BLACK METAL: Northwestern? That was my safety school. Anyway, Matthias is right- we have a dark and brooding opera singer in our band because we are the best band. Also, we want to take things to the next level, give the finger to that level, and then keep on going to the next level after that,

MATTHIAS BACKWARDS: We give so much finger it starts to hurt. Which is quite brutal, no?

LANCE THE KING OF BLACK METAL: It is if you do it right. Anyway, we got our friend Malphas from the Norwegian Black Metal band Carpathian Forest to play a guest guitar solo on this song. He did such a good job, we sent him a free T-shirt afterward. We do NOT do for this everybody. Thank you, Malphas.

MATTHIAS BACKWARDS: I wearing his red shirt in this video look closely if you can see where.

LANCE THE KING OF BLACK METAL: Another thing about this song, is we wanted the chorus to sound like there were Vikings singing in a Viking beer hall during it. We had hoped to get actual Vikings but this is historically impossible unless you have a time machine or some sh*t, so instead we just asked some friends to do it in exchange for as many Combos as they could eat. We bought a sh*tload of them at Sam's Club so it wasn't like a big deal or anything.

MATTHIAS BACKWARDS: Wait, Lance you told me they were really Vikings.

LANCE THE KING OF BLACK METAL: Sorry, Matthias- I did what I had to do. Anyway, I also wanted to say that all the guitar parts I played on this song were done on a Dean Razorbolt guitar, which was designed by Dimebag Darrell from Pantera, who are awesome but not nearly as good as us at heavy metal. Anyway, it's probably the most metal guitar that has ever existed. Most of the time, my dog won't even go near it it's so f***ing scary. I bought it from some f***er on Craigslist who needed money to get his van fixed even though it honestly seemed to be running fine when he gave me a ride back to Cinnabon after.

MATTHIAS BACKWARDS: Your "Razorbolt" nothing compared to my Peavey Fury bass which is really the primary driver of brutality for this work, next to of course my Satanic fry screams. With that said, I am never seen playing bass in the public, only the vocals. Also, the string gauges I use in my Peavey Fury bass is much much higher than the 10s. Much larger and thicker.

LANCE THE KING OF BLACK METAL: I honestly have no idea why you keep bringing this up, Matthias. Anyway, the picks I use are 100% stolen from Guitar Center.


Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen and watch for yourself below and learn more about the album here

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