Woodkid Returning With New Music This Week

Keavin Wiggins | 04-19-2020

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Woodkid will be releasing a long awaited new single called "Goliath" on April 24th, ahead of the release of his forthcoming sophomore album.

Yoann Lemoine, aka Woodkid, had this to say about the upcoming single, "I think this is all about my dangerous fascination for power and scale. About the massive challenges I've had to face in the past years and the growing feeling of insecurity facing the weight of things I have built over time.

"I made my first album thinking I knew everything. I made this one realizing I knew very little. I composed this record as an acceptance of my fragility, of my wrong decisions, to reach light, as an intimate remedy, somehow. Here is me, probably not as strong as I pretended to be.

"Maybe this is about all forms of toxicity, about environment, maybe it's about the speed of information and the furiousness of the music industry, maybe it's about how I'm trying to find my own peace and temporality through it.

"It's definitely about the individual and collective responsibility in the creation of the monstrous and how to hopefully defeat it. Here is the first song of this piece. It obviously refers to the myth of David and Goliath. I wish it didn't echo so much with the world situation right now."

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Woodkid Returning With New Music This Week

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