Led Zeppelin Feud Rumor Addressed By Ian Anderson 2020 In Review

Keavin Wiggins | 12-18-2020

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Led Zeppelin Feud Rumor Addressed By Ian Anderson 2020 In Review
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Led Zeppelin Feud Rumor Addressed By Ian Anderson was a top 20 story of March 2020: Jethro Tull mastermind Ian Anderson has addressed the rumors that there was feud between him and Led Zeppelin frontman Robert Plant, calling it absurd.

Led Zeppelin and Jethro Tull toured together in their heyday and Anderson was asked about the rumored feud between himself and Plant during a recent interview with eonmusic.

Ian responded, "When people ask me about my 'feud' with Robert Plant, then they can expect a sharp retort, because there was never a feud between me and Robert Plant; it's one of these absurd things that seems to come up," Anderson says.

"We rarely spoke, particularly to Robert, who was on a higher plane, as a vocalist, and as a person. Jimmy Page was a little bit more friendly, but Bonham, you steered a mile away from, because he was a raving nutcase! He was always polite enough to me, but I probably just saw him on a rare good mood.

"I think to some extent, the stories of Led Zeppelin being hell raisers who barged their way across America, there is an absolute element of truth about it, but probably wildly exaggerated.

"I remember meeting Robert Plant, and he said; 'I hope we can put that behind us', and I said; 'what?', and he said, 'whatever it as we are supposed to be feuding about', and I said; 'exactly!'

"We never had a feud, because we didn't really communicate. Led Zeppelin were Led Zeppelin; they were rock gods, and we were the humble support act."

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