Pretty Maids Frontman Ronnie Atkins Has Lung Cancer 2019 In Review

William Lee | 01-03-2020

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Pretty Maids

Pretty Maids Frontman Ronnie Atkins Has Lung Cancer was a top 19 story of Oct. 2019: Pretty Maids frontman Ronnie Atkins has revealed that he has been diagnosed with lung cancer, according to a social media post shared by the band.

The veteran group is gearing up to release their new album "Unleash Your Madness" on November 8th but with the diagnosis the band has been forced to call off live performances to promote the effort.

They wrote, "We are sorry to announce these bad news. Our brother Ronnie has recently been diagnosed with lung cancer...
This means we will have to cancel all shows announced until the end of January 2020 and we're all sorry for the inconvenience that might bring.
Right now all plans are on hold, so for the moment we can't say much more due to the current situation but we will keep you updated.

"ALL focus is now on Ronnie's health and undergoing treatment.
We hope for your love and understanding. /Ken, Rene, Chris and Allan"

Atkins shared his own message to fans, "It's scary how your world can be turned upside down in a couple of weeks. I went to my doctor for a routine check complaining about some back pains in mid-August.

"I then went through numerous scans, bronchoscopy, biopsies etc. and spent a lot of time waiting for answers in uncertainty.
And so finally three weeks ago I found myself diagnosed with lung cancer.

"Now this has by all means been a shock to me, my family and those close to me since it came totally unexpected without any typical symptoms and everything just happened and developed so fast lately.

"I'm already in treatment and underwent surgery two weeks ago, then spend some 10 days in hospital with pneumonia as a consequence apparently linked to the surgery.

"According to the medical staff my prospects are good considering it's lung cancer. However, I will have to undertake further treatment the next couple of months to be on the safe side.

"This means that I unfortunately will have to step back from most musical activities concerts etc. for an indefinite period of time.

"I'm going into this with a positive mindset and with the continuing love and support from my family and friends I'm determined to battle this disease the best I can -God willing! LOVE Ronnie Atkins"

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