Grateful Dead Release Outtakes Collection 'The Angel's Share'

Keavin Wiggins | 07-03-2020

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Grateful Dead

Dead and Company are taking this weekend off for their One More Saturday Night series but Grateful Dead fans do have a new collection of previously unreleased studio outtakes to enjoy this Fourth Of July weekend, courtesy of the new "The Angel's Share" digital compilation.

The collection features over two and half hours of outtakes from the band's "Workingman's Dead" sessions, released just in time for that album's 50th anniversary last month.

The band said on their website, "Compiled from dozens of 16-track reels that were recently discovered in unlabeled boxes, The Angel's Share includes outtakes for every song on the album, which have been unheard since they left the studio over 50 years ago.

"Under the supervision of David Lemieux, engineer Brian Kehew and archivist Mike Johnson spent countless hours compiling and piecing these reels together to create the final opus." Stream the collection here and see the tracklisting below:

Workingman's Dead: The Angel's Share:
"Uncle John's Band" (Session) - total playing time 10:15
1. False Start 1 (Not Slated)
2. Breakdown (Not Slated)
3. False Start 2 (Not Slated)
4. Complete Track (Not Slated)
5. Take 6 Breakdown (Slated)
6. Take 7 Breakdown (Slated)

"High Time" (Session) - total playing time 16:00
7. Breakdown 1 (Not Slated)
8. Breakdown 2 (Not Slated)
9. Take 3 Breakdown (Slated)
10. Complete Track 1 (Not Slated)
11. Studio Chatter
12. Complete Track 2 (Not Slated)
13. Take 6 Breakdown (Slated)
14. Take 7 Breakdown (Slated)

"Dire Wolf" (Session) - total playing time 26:54
15. Breakdown 1 (Not Slated)
16. Complete Track 1 (Not Slated)
17. Complete Track 2 (Not Slated)
18. Take 2 Breakdown (Slated)
19. Take 3 False Start & Breakdown (Slated)
20. Breakdown 2 (Not Slated)
21. Take 6 Breakdown (Slated)
22. Breakdown 3 (Not Slated)
23. False Starts 1 (Not Slated)
24. Breakdown 4 (Not Slated)
25. False Starts 2 (Not Slated)
26. Complete Track 3 (Not Slated)
27. Complete Track With Vocals (Not Slated)
28. False Start 3 (Not Slated)

"New Speedway Boogie" (Session) - total playing time 29:12
29. Demo With Acoustic Guitar, Drums & Vocals (Not Slated)
30. Complete Track With Vocals 1 (Not Slated)
31. Take 2 Breakdown With Vocals (Slated)
32. Take 3 Breakdown With Vocals (Slated)
33. Mis-named As Take 3 False Start With Vocals (Slated)
34. Take 4 Complete With Vocals & Lead Guitar (Slated)
35. Arranging Take With Vocals (Not Slated)
36. Breakdown With Vocals 1 (Not Slated)
37. Breakdown With Vocals 2 (Not Slated)
38. Complete Track With Vocals 2 (Not Slated)
39. Take 8 Complete With Vocals (Slated)

"Cumberland Blues" (Session) - total playing time 3:26
40. Various Breakdowns & Take 9 (Slated)

"Black Peter" (Session) - total playing time 20:17
41. Breakdown 1 (Not Slated)
42. Breakdown 2 (Not Slated)
43. Studio Chatter
44. Breakdown 3 (Not Slated)
45. Breakdown 4 (Not Slated)
46. Complete Track With Vocals (Not Slated)

"Easy Wind" (Session) - total playing time 35:29
47. Complete Track With Vocals 1 (Not Slated)
48. Breakdown With Vocals 1 (Not Slated)
49. Breakdown With Vocals 2 (Not Slated)
50. Breakdown With Vocals 3 (Not Slated)
51. Breakdown With Vocals 4 (Not Slated)
52. Complete Track With Vocals 2 (Not Slated)
53. False Starts & Breakdowns With Vocals (Not Slated)
54. Incomplete Track With Vocals (Not Slated)
55. Take 17 With Vocals (Slated)
56. Take 18 Breakdown With Vocals (Slated)
57. Take 19 Breakdown With Vocals (Slated)
58. Take 20 With Vocals (Slated)
59. Take 21 False Start With Vocals (Slated)
60. Take 22 Breakdown With Vocals (Slated)
61. Take 23 Breakdown With Vocals (Slated)

"Casey Jones" (Session) - total playing time 10:37
62. Breakdown 1 (Not Slated)
63. Breakdown 2 (Not Slated)
64. Complete Track With Vocals (Not Slated)

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