Singled Out: Bloody Heels' Criminal Mastermind

Keavin Wiggins | 07-25-2020

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Bloody Heels

Bloody Heels recently released their new album "Ignite The Sky" and to celebrate we asked Vicky White to tell us about their hit single "Criminal Mastermind" from the record. Here is the story:

I remember that Criminal Masterminds was one of the last songs we wrote for the album. It was just one of those days that the other guys we're a bit late for the rehearsal. Me and our guitarist Harry we're just waiting for them. I had this silly riff idea that I thought I'd show Harry, it was on drop tuning, and by that time we had never written something so low and heavy. I showed it to him, he liked it, add some other things and the main riff was just about done in couple of minutes. It was magic to be honest. The rest of the guys came and I'd say that 70-80% of the song was done that day. It was just one of those magical days. Sometimes you struggle with the songs and lyrics for months or maybe even more, but with 'Criminal Masterminds' it was not the case. Later that day I went back home and thought I'd work on the lyrics. To be honest we're not much of a political or that kind of a band at all. But the song was just so heavy, that I wanted to tell the story about all the sh*tty things that is happening right now in the world.

The lyrics are about those people that we see everyday on TV, hear on radio, we read about them, most of the society sees them as the good guys, but behind the curtain - they are not that good... They are the real evil and because of them there are lots of people that actually has to go in the store and try to rob it or etc. I'm not saying that it's like that for everyone, but I think you get the point. Which is - sometimes the real evil is disguised pretty good.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen and watch for yourself below

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Singled Out: Bloody Heels' Criminal Mastermind

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