Dokken Streaming Lost 'Breaking The Chains' Era Song

Keavin Wiggins | 07-26-2020

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Dokken are streaming a recently unearthed track called "No Answer", which is one of the songs featured on their forthcoming album "The Lost Songs: 1978-1981."

The record is set to hit stores on August 28th and features some of the demos that Don found last year from their early 1981 recording sessions recorded at Scorpions' producer Dieter Dierks' studios.

Don reflected on how those songs came together, "We were staying at this little place called the Trost hotel, and the lady running it said she had a cellar underneath, like a bomb shelter, that we could use.

"So we left the church, took all our equipment down there, practiced and wrote songs. The problem was that we were rehearsing in this cold, damp 'bomb shelter', and all of a sudden, I started losing my voice. I couldn't figure out why my voice was all f***ed up.

"Then Mick got sick and George got sick, and we couldn't figure out what was going on. Then one day after about a week, Mick broke his drum-head, and when he took it off to replace it, he found that his kick drum was lined with mold. There was mold in all his drums! Even the amps had some mold in them!"

Those sessions produced the songs that would end up on the band's debut album "Breaking The Chains", as well as several additional songs, including early songs featuring Lynch, "No Answer" and "Step Into the Light".

Don said of working with George, "It was clear early on that even though George and I did not get along from the start, there was undeniable chemistry,.

"He was just one of the best guitarists I'd ever seen, and so the music always had to come first, whatever happened." Listen to "No Answer" below:

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