Singled Out: Lightworker's Cholera

Keavin Wiggins | 06-12-2020

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Lightworker released their new album "Fury By Failure" this week and to celebrate we asked Joe Calderon to tell us about the song "Cholera". Here is the story:

Usually, I'm much more of a collaborative songwriter (for better or worse) so "Cholera" is an anomaly in that I pretty much wrote the tune front to back by myself. The song came about because it was a left over song idea I had from a band prior to Lightworker. The idea was to record this song as a one off idea just to have it be a solo project that would release music sporadically. I contacted a buddy of mine to help me record and produce the track. Luckily, he's a fantastic guitar player too, so I was able to show him some of the more difficult guitar riffs so he could track them to sound natural and "live".

Lyrically, it was the first song about the romantic side of love that I'd ever written. As I wrote the words to the song, I came up with a concept of having the other "person" in the context of the song be a different vocalist so it would be more of a "duet" rather than a single sided narrative. We were so lucky and privileged to have our friend Laura from an amazing band called 'Comrades' agree to do the guest vocal part, and when we heard the tracks she sent over, we were blown away. This really wrapped the song in a nice bow so to speak and gives "Fury By Failure" an additional sound to the pallet we think it offers.

This song actually ended up kick starting the band because more ideas kept flowing from the ever so fickle "song idea faucet". Additionally, "Cholera" was actually supposed to be on our first release. We ultimately decided against it because we felt like it would have a better home on a full length where the song could breathe within the context of a complete album, and now it's finally being "let go" into the world after years of lying dormant.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen and watch for yourself below and learn more about the album here

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