Singled Out: Sean Ardoin

Keavin Wiggins | 06-16-2020

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Sean Ardoin

Two-time Grammy nominated music star Sean Ardoin is releasing his new album "Came Thru Pullin'" this week and to celebrate we asked him to tell us about the effort. Here is the story:

My new album, "Came Thru Pullin'" is a re-imagining of ten songs from the last 20 years of my solo career. I felt like they were all ahead of their times and if I were to refresh them and reintroduce them to my fans and the world at large, that they would be well received. The original release date was at the end of 2019 and the team felt like the corona virus really hampered the exposure so, a re-release was in order. These ten songs all tell stories but when I was going through my catalog to pick the ones that'd make the cut, I realized I have a lot of songs that were just club jammers. They were songs that would make the club or the festival stage hot, but there wasn't much to them. The ten that made the cut were substantive in message, content and musicality ...that's what I was looking for.

I also still went old school when deciding the order of the project. I always like to order my albums like I do my shows, like a rollercoaster that ends on a high note! So, it opens up with "Came Thru Pullin'" and then goes through an amusing musical journey full of positivity, high energy and more Soul than you can shake a link of boudin at! It comes flying back to the station with the rock influenced "Shut Em Down", a boisterous declarative Kreole Rock and Soul anthem about my exploits and successes around the world and into the future. It boldly states that we are "...coming to ya town with our hands up high, rocking all you people, you're gonna wonder why, everybody in the place, has got this look on their face, yeah shut em down , shut em down shut em!"

"Came Thru Pullin" is a spicy Kreole Rock and Soul gumbo that you do not want to miss out on. It is a project that is a continuation of the sound begun with the two-time Grammy nominated album, Kreole Rock and Soul. I make music that will not allow you to sit still, it calls you to the dancefloor. It gives you the opportunity to choose to be happy and escape for almost an hour, and that, my friends, is priceless!

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen and watch for yourself with a isolation video for the title track below and learn more about the album here

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Singled Out: Sean Ardoin

Singled Out: Sean Ardoin

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