AC/DC Have A 'Mountain' Of Unreleased Material

Keavin Wiggins | 11-10-2020

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AC/DC Have A 'Mountain' Of Unreleased Material

AC/DC have a lot of unreleased music in their archives lead guitarist Angus Young admitted in a new interview when he was asked if they have a "mountain" of material.

Angus discussed the songwriting for the band's forthcoming alubm "PWR/UP" during a new interview with Radio.com. He explained how this album was a little different than past efforts.

He said, "A lot of the songs, Malcolm and myself, we had worked on. These were songs that we had been working through the years. And it was a case of getting these songs out. And I wanted to make sure that I had a lot of good tracks that Mal really liked.

"Any time we ever went to do an album, we went for the most current songs that we had. They [were] the most current, and that's what we usually released. But in this case, because I had a bit of time, I'd go through and go back and get together all of these tracks and go through them.

"I've got a great collection of tracks that especially Malcolm really liked, and I thought this is the ideal chance to get those tracks down and get them out there to the public."

Angus was also asked if the band has a "mountain" of unreleased material and he responded that he had gone through all of their boxes of recordings through their career and they have a lot of song ideas in that collection.

"The hard part is just keeping up with the technology of that time. Because in a lot of the early years, when cassettes mainly came around, you were using a lot of early cassettes. And then from that point, then when it went into CDs, we were using that."

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