Ra Release 'Intercorrupted' Music Video

Keavin Wiggins | 10-30-2020

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Ra Release 'Intercorrupted' Music Video

Ra have released a new single and music video entitled "Intercorrupted". The song is the title track to the acclaimed group's forthcoming album, which is set to hit stores on March 19, 2021.

Sahaj Ticotin had this to say, "With everyone releasing songs about the state of the world in 2020, we felt that there was an opportunity to say something about the state of the mind.

"Divisiveness does not exist in a vacuum. Your cause most certainly results in an effect, making it impossible to truly cast blame for the things currently that we are all up in arms against.

"Your personal beliefs require an adversary or contrary position in order to germinate in the current world of social media and sensational news coverage.

"We are part of the global synapses in this hivemind world. I believe there is a little hope to evolve as a species if we don't redefine and accept our own role in creating the very things we abhor. We are intertwined. We are Intercorrupted".

He went on to say of the new music video, "Since the beginning of the band, we've always wanted to make a ballsy video. Something cryptic but cinematic...with maybe a little action. We certainly bit off a lot with the concept but with Curt Pair filming it, we knew it was going to look like a movie.

"We shot the whole thing in one day which is ambitious enough but it was also 112 degrees in Arizona and we had on full suits. Ra has only had one other video in our 20 yr history as a band so we went big.

"The concept was for the band to play the villains but that we were not completely without ideology or reason. We believe that mankind has lost the right to have its freedom and hope and that for the sake of the world it must be hidden away.

"We are in the process of that when we get tracked down by our heroine who dispatches us one by one and then sets it all right again releasing hope and freedom back into the world.

"It relates to the song in that we are intertwined in our faults and fear and that we should not take hope and freedom for granted. I've always like the Matrix and Inception. We were trying to invoke elements of them both." Watch the video below:

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Ra Release 'Intercorrupted' Music Video

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