: Dr Dre jumps on anti-Napster bandwagon.

4-19-00 11:47 AM PST 
It only took a few days after Metallica announced their lawsuit against Napster for another performer to join the battle against the multimedia enabling software company. Dr. Dre has issued a warning to Napster demanding that his music be removed from their database by Friday or else. 

It wasn’t a big surprise to discover that Metallica and Dr Dre share the same attorney, Howard King. 

King drafted a letter to Napster’s CEO Eileen Richardson on Dre’s behalf. According to King the letter was “basically putting them on notice that the listing of his songs and masters on Napster and the facilitation of the transfer of those files constitutes an infringement of his copyrights…"

But will King convince Dr Dre to file suit if Napster doesn’t comply? King addressed that issue as well, "Dr. Dre has not committed to suing them, but that would be the logical conclusion if they don't take it off their site..”

King expects more legal actions to be forthcoming against Napster as he has been contacted by several artist and a publishing company after he filed the suit on Metallica’s behalf last week. Napster for their part are not taking these legal battles lying down, they intend to vigorously defend themselves in court if it comes to that.

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