: Napster Lawsuit update

4-26-00 5:15 PM PST antiGUY
 It seems like all music news these days revolves around Napster and lawsuits. Here is the latest info on the pending legal actions. 

4-26 Dr. Dre.
Not surprising anyone Dr. Dre has filed a lawsuit against Napster for $10 million. Dre Told the press simply, "I don't like people stealing my music." 

 According to the suit,  "Napster has built a business based on large-scale piracy. Napster is a worldwide Internet site, which encourages and enables visitors to its Web site to unlawfully exchange with each other MP3 files containing records created by and belonging to artists such as Young (Dr. Dre --ed). The end result of the process is that Napster's users are able to obtain the music they want for free. The copyright owners, those rightfully entitled to profit from their music, get nothing." 

Dre's suit claims that Napster is guilty of contributory as well vicarious infringement of copyrights plus he accuses Napster of unlawful use of digital audio interface device. 

Dre's is also represented by Howard King who filed suit on Metallica's behalf earlier this month as well as drafted a letter to Napster requesting the remove Dr Dre's music listings from their service or face a similar suit. King and Dre made good on their promise on April 25th when they filed the $10 million suit in Los Angeles. 

4-24 Metallica has dropped the lawsuits against the University of Southern California, Yale University and Indiana University after all three schools blocked students access to the popular mp3 trading web site, Napster.  The three universities were originally named as defendants in a suit filed on April 13th against Napster for copyright violations. 

"We are optimistic that all responsible Universities upon the devastating effect Napster has on intellectual property rights will join with Yale University, Indiana University, and USC in the immediate banning of access to Napster for illegal purposes." - the bands press release April 24th. 

In the good news department for Napster. 
Limp Bizkit has signed a sponsorship deal with Napster for their upcoming free tour with Cypress Hill. Napster is reported to be contributing 2 Million toward the cost of the tour, so Limp Bizkit can play a series of free shows for fans across North America. 

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