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8-28-00 6:00 AM PST antiGUY
ReadySexGo is the title to the Marvelous 3's new album, which will be in stores on Elektra Records September 12th. Lead vocalist/songwriter Butch Walker spoke with us last week and provided some insight as to where the album title came from: 

"I was looking at a piece of paper that had ready-set-go written on it. Somebody had written it very s****ty. The t was a lowercase t, but it was kind of crooked and it looked like sex. Of course, you know the first thing my dirty mind honed in on was the word. And I was like, see, that's just typical of a guy. It's typical about how obsessed with sex we all are. And I kind of took it and ran with it and said well, there's the album title." The self-professed child of the 80's continued, "Then I thought to myself that this is actually kind of reflective of how we are today, right now. When in the 80's everything was so excessive and all about, you know, tits and ass. Then the 90's came along and got all stuffy on us and became very politically correct. But we needed it. We needed awareness. And then all of sudden everyone is tired of that and we're back to letting our hair down and partying and doing it all for the nookie."  

"…To me that's kind of just my little stab at how fake and plastic rock n roll had become. It's back to the way it always was. And it's just so cyclical, things don't change they just come back around. And this was just my way of saying we don't take it too seriously, obviously. And I'm kind of calling them out for being gratuitous, and I've kind of seen it happen twice in my career."

The sure to be controversial album title aside (wait until you see the cover), the new disc contains 13 new Marvelous 3 songs which are sure to keep the current fans happy while recruiting new freaks of the week to join in on all the fun. 

The first single "Sugarbuzz" is already creating a buzz on radio and winning over listeners with the 'don't take any crap from anybody' and 'do your own thing' attitude of the lyrics. Butch jokingly describes the song as the sequel to the bands top 5 hit song, Freak of the Week.   

To promote the new album, the Marvelous 3 will embark on a short co-headlining tour with SR-71. The tour kicks off on September 7th in Chattanooga, TN. and has been tentatively titled "Too Much Rock For One Band" tour. 

SR-71 is currently riding high on the charts with "right now" a song co-written by none other than Butch Walker from the Marvelous 3. 

The full interview with Butch will be up on Rocknworld this week and stay tuned to antiMUSIC for a review of the new CD.

We will leave you with the ReadySexGo track listing and the "Too Much Rock For One Band" tour dates

ReadySexGo Track Listing

Little Head
Grant Park
Get Over
Supernatural Blonde
Radio Tokyo
Cold As Hell
I'm Losing You
This Time
Better Off Alone
I Could Change
Cigarette Lighter Love Song

"Too Much Rock For One Band" tour dates

9/7 - Chattanooga, TN @ The Bay 
9/8 - Atlanta, GA @ Coca-Cola Roxy Theatre 
9/10 - Norfolk, VA @ The NorVa 
9/11 - Charlottesville, VA @ Trax 
9/14 - Antioch, TN @ AmSouth Amphitheatre 
9/16 - Tallahassee, FL @ Floyd’s Music Store 
9/17 - Naples, FL @ Vineyard Community Park
9/19 - Tampa, FL @ Tahiti Joe's 
9/20 - Gainesville, FL @ Brick City Music Hall 
9/22 - Spartanburg, SC @ Magnolia Street Pub
9/23 - Huntington, WV @ Harris Riverfront Park 
9/25 - Cohoes, NY @ Saratoga Winners 
9/28 - New York, NY @ Bowery Ballroom 
9/29 - Washington, DC @ 9:30 Club

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