ICP's MTV takeover halted by NYC Police. 

12-11-00 antiGUY

The plan was to have fans (also known as Juggalos) to flood the MTV request lines and email box to get the current Insane Clown Posse video for "Lets Go All The Way" to top the Total Request Live show last Friday (Dec 8).

To show further support, an estimated 100 NYC area Juggalos showed up outside the TRL studios in full ICP regalia including face makeup and costumes. 

MTV quickly pulled the plug on the ICP takeover by disqualifying the video. Then according to a report from Jelly Nuts of the ICP camp, 30-40 of New York's finest were called onto the scene to remove the ICP fans. It was alleged in a statement from Jelly Nuts that police told some fans that "MTV doesn't want you guys here" but later changed their story saying the it is illegal to wear clown makeup in New York City. 

At press time there has not been an official statement about these allegations released by MTV.

Below is the the full report from Jelly Nuts as Posted to the ICP official web site: 

First of all, everyone at Psychopathic expresses mad thanks and props to all the Juggalos who freaked it on Lienda Day! Even though ALL the votes for "Lets Go All The Way" were disqualified, had it been a fair contest there is no doubt that Insane Clown Posse would have taken top TRL spots.

Unfortunately, MTV's hatred towards ICP went beyond mearly throwing out TRL votes (which we suspected might happen), but also using violence agianst Juggalos.

Myself (Jelly Nuts), Jumpsteady, Noodle Nugget, Ray-Ray, and Jodie, all arrived in New York Friday morning so we could help the Juggalos represent. We all showed up in costume, with Jumpsteady donning the identity of Evil Dead, and he instantly began stumbling around New York scaring people and turning the heads of even the most hardened New Yorkers. We met up with about 100 Juggalos who had already assembled right in front of TRL live. Juggalos were in costume, Juggalos were in face paint... some Juggalos were even almost naked (MAD PROPS goes to my half naked Juggalos Ape Boy and Bubble Nuts!). Everyone one was hanging out, and it was the s****! 

The Psychopathic crew went back to our vans, and soon came back with plenty of Faygo for all the Juggalos... Everyone was having mad fun, and it was very clear that Juggalos would dominate the evening at TRL, regardless if they played an ICP video or not.

But that is when we were shocked at the underhanded nature of MTV. Shortly before TRL began, a group of about 30-40 New York Police Department officers headed in, and began trying to move people out. When asked, the police officers said "MTV doesn't want you guys here". After many protests from Juggalos, and when it became clear they were gonna make MTV look bad, they changed the story. They then said that "It is agianst the law to wear clown makeup in New York City!". Using threats of violence, and after assulting several Juggalos (those Juggalos were not arrested, because they broke no laws... they were simply attacked by police officers with no warning, and then told to beat it). The crowd was pushed to the other side the street, and no Juggalos were allowed anywhere near the public sidewalk near the MTV building.

This has made it very clear... MTV fears ICP and Juggalos, and is willing to use deceit, violence, and manipulation of the law in order to try to protect themselves. This comes from a deep seeded fear of anything they cannot control, they cannot buy, and they cannot sell...

Regardless Juggalos, when all is said and done, we all tried to bring the Dark Carnival's message to the world. We may have not succeeded in taking over MTV, but we have all done what we all knew we had to do as Juggalos, and it has made the Dark Carnival stronger, and given us further purpose. One agian, we thank all Juggalos, we wish you all mad clown luv, and want you to know THE WICKED CLOWNS WILL NEVER DIE!!!

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