: Quickies - Matchbox 20, Tonic, Ex-Pumpkin D'Arcy

2-16-00 8:20 AM PST antiGUY
Matchbox 20 are set to release their long awaited follow up to the multi-platinum 'Yourself or Someone Like You' on May 23rd. The new album is titled 'Mad Season By Matchbox 20'

Tonic Release "Mean to Me"
Tonic released the second single off their latest album, 'Sugar.' on Feb. 15th. The single is called "Mean to Me". The accompanying video was also released to MTV, VH1, MuchMusic and The Box. Additionally, "Mean to Me" also made the antiGUY top 5 list of anti-love songs this week. 

Ex-Pumpkin sent to Drug School
D'Arcy Wretzky the former bassist for the  Smashing Pumpkins was sentenced to attend 10 hours of drug awareness and prevention classes following her arrest on Jan 25th for possession of crack cocaine. Following the sentencing on Feb. 14th, D'Arcy told the press that the crack wasn't hers, she had just given a ride to somebody who had the crack. If she successfully completes the program, the charges will be dropped.