: Manson covers Manson

It was inevitable, Marilyn Manson is doing a cover of his name sake Charles Manson.  Marilyn recorded an acoustic version of “Sick City”, a song written by the Murder Cult leader. The track has been made available for download from the Marilyn Manson website. 

Mariyln is not the first to cover songs written by the leader of “Family”. Guns n’ Roses sparked controversy when they did a cover of  Charles Manson’s "Look At Your Game Girl," in 1993 for their Spaghetti Incident album. Charles Manson besides being a cult leader in the 60’s that led his followers to kill on demand, was an aspiring singer-song writer.  Dennis Wilson of the Beach Boys fell under his seductive spell, and his band recorded one of Manson’s songs, ‘Cease to resist’ (originally titled ‘Cease to Exist’) before the now famous Tate-LaBianca murders made the short hippy guru a household name in 1969. 

Charles Manson hoped the ritualistic murders would start off a race war he called Helter Skelter that would inevitably leave Manson and his followers to rule the world. Manson’s theology came from a drug induced and twisted interpretation of the Catholic Bible mixed with music from the Beatles. Manson, believed the Beatles urged him and his followers to start Helter Skelter though hidden messages in the bands ‘White Album’. 

Marilyn is hard at work on his follow up to 1998’s Mechanical Animals LP. However, There are no plans at this point by Marilyn to include the Charles Manson song the new album.