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On March 1st antiMUSIC.com will launch the underGROUND. A new section that will showcase today's hottest independent and unsigned artist. With artist news, interviews, multimedia and profiles fan will have the opportunity to discover the superstars of tomorrow. 

We have a couple of news briefs that can't wait until the launch of the underGROUND so we will give them to you now. 

Epstein's Mother - knocking on the door to super-stardom

Death Metal's Atheist albums resurrected.

Epstein's Mother - knocking on the door to superstardom

TWatch out Matchbox 20 because Epstein’s Mother is poised to steal your audience away from you. The guys in Matchbox 20 will soon be shaking in their boots once they hear the debut album release from Las Vegas's Epstein's Mother. The album ironically is titled "Subtle", but the response thus far has been anything but. Legendary producer Michael Sak took the band under his wing, helping Epstein's Mother craft their sound for the new disc he co-produced with the band members. Sak is best known from his production work with the Goo Goo Dolls. 

This time he found a hungry alt-pop band that had already captured the attention of the Las Vegas scene. All that was needed was to capture the excitement of Epstein's Mother live performances on tape, Sak succeeded. Unlike the Alt-popsters Matchbox 20, EM blends a lot of funk into their sound. Matchbox 20's millions of fans should instantly fall in love with the sounds of this new group.  Although there are some similarities btween the tow group, Epstein's Mother should have no problem attracting a larger demographic of listeners beyond the Matchbox 20 crowd. That is once they land that major label deal. 

With that in mind, Epstein's Mother watchers turn their eyes west to Hollywood. The band will performing at an industry showcase at the Gig on Melrose Thursday night.  We hate to predict what will happen, but judging from the album, and Epstein's Mothers charismatic stage show a bidding war is almost certain to break out.  We want to wish the guys good luck and we'll see you at the top of the charts!

For those in the Los Angeles area, the showcase at the Gig starts at 10:00 sharp! 

Death Metal's Atheist albums resurrected. 
official Press Release -

Superfragile/NMG Entertainment is tickled to death to be reissuing  three of the most sought after releases by one of the world’s most popular Death Metal bands:  ATHEIST. The first release is “PIECE OF TIME”, (1988) with “UNQUESTIONABLE PRESENCE” (1991), and “ELEMENTS” (1993) to follow in approx.  2 months of each other.  Though nearly impossible to find in the US, Atheist Imports continue to fetch as much as $40.00 each on many internet retail sites.

Even today ATHEIST is still being called one of the most influential and technical Metal bands of the early 1990’s. Their sound, a hybrid of  sheer brutality in jazz arrangements, can be heard in such Metal bands as “GORGUTS”, “MESSHUGAH”, “CYNIC”  and “PESTILENCE”.

Recently named by a panel of  top Metal writers as one of the “Greatest Death Metal bands of the 1990’s”, Atheist has always enjoyed critical praise.  Magazines such as “KERRANG”, “METAL FORCES”, “METAL HAMMER”, and “ROCK HARD” continue to shower the band with glowing references, including calling Atheist “Brain Metal”.  Band members Kelly Shaefer, (guitar/vocals) Steve Flynn, (drums) Rand Burkey, (guitar) and the late Roger Patterson, (bass), are often included among the top names on “Best Musicians” in  Death Metal lists.

With the the untimely death of, Roger Patterson, in 1990  (who was killed while on the band’s first American tour w/Candlemass) Atheist’s days were numbered.

Though the band braved on to record their biggest seller, “UNQUESTIONABLE PRESENCE” and ELEMENTS” with ex Cynic and future Pestilence bassist, Tony Choy, Atheist decided to call it quits in 1993.   Today only lead singer, Kelly Shaefer, is still  involved in music, fronting hard rock’s “nEURoTICa”.

With the Atheist catalog (which has not been available at retail since 1993) now  remastered in today’s State of the Art digital sound and now including previously unreleased tracks, demos,  and live material, along with plenty of bonus photos, and extensive liner notes, Superfragile Music/NMG Entertainment is bringing ATHEIST back to life.

Hear why the critics  raved: Atheist were way ahead of their time; their own