: Green Day's tour and album plans. 

2-7-00 8:35 AM PST antiGUY

"It's about time!" That's what millions of fans are saying of the news that Green Day is finally beginning work on their follow up to 1997's Nimrod. 

It's true, the punk trio will head into the studio next month to begin work on the next album. This time around they have enlisted the aid of Scott Litt to produce the album. Litt is best known for his work in producing R.E.M. 

Billy Joe Armstrong tell fans on the bands official site that the music this time around will have a more positive overtone, and the band is planning to film the recording of this album for a documentary. 

It does look like fans will have to wait until October for the new disc. However, their is some good news for those who can't wait to see the band who has been AWOL from public for the past couple of years, they have signed on to participate in the next Warped Tour, which gets under way in June.  No dates have been announced yet, sorry. We will post them when they become available.