: Van Halen with David Lee Roth ... the continuing story. 

Melodicrock.com reports that David Lee Roth has reunited with Van Halen. Apparently the band succumbed  to label pressure and decided to put together a temporary reunion dubbed Van Halen with David Lee Roth. 

the reunion is being staged on a trial basis and Van Halen is still actively searching for a new lead singer. Contrary to earlier announcements, the newly reunited band have not recorded together, but have jammed and have been working on some song ideas. 

However, there are no legal agreements in place, so this could end just as quickly as the last Van Halen reunion. The band wants people to know that they are not welcoming David Lee Roth back, that this arrangement will only be temporary. 

So what do we expect from this reunion? A new album? A tour? Well the buzz going around town is the band will make their first public appearance together at the Grammy awards. 

As for a new album, the chances are slim, the band is dead set against it, while the record company is pressuring them to record a new studio record with David. 

According to the Melodicrock.com report, Eddie Van Halen was hoping to reunite with Sammy Hagar, but the record company pushed for Roth, and Hagar publicly stated he would only reunited with the band if David Lee Roth was also along for the ride. 

So where does this leave us? Confused? Perhaps, but one thing being considered is a new Greatest hits album with Roth. And a major tour with the reunited group. 

So we have confirmation, but it appears to be fragile, with no firm plans in place for this reunion of going anywhere. 

Guys, bury the hatchet already,  lets see the return of Van Halen to it glory days and make the next generation discover what Van Halen is all about! This isn't going backwards, its continuing on with what made you guys great in the first place.