Nashville Pussy bassist bows out of tour

7-15-00 9:00 AM PST antiGUY
Nashville Pussy bassist Corey Parks will not be on tour with the band this summer as they take part in the Tattoo The Earth Festival.  Parks has taken an indefinite leave of absence from band. 

This is the second set back for the music and ink tour that kicked off Friday in Portland, Oregon. Modern metaler's Coal Chamber pulled out of the tour at the last minute to work on their next album. (SEE: Coal Chamber pull out of Tattoo the Earth)

The "Nashville Pussy Webpage!" Posted the following statement from the band's label, TVT Records, on their site Friday:

"Six foot-three, fire breathing bass player Corey Parks of Nashville Pussy has taken a leave of absence from the band on the eve of their second stage headlining slot on the Tattoo the Earth tour. Parks informed the band of her decision earlier this week.

"Nashville Pussy's office issued the following statement: "This band has worked non-stop, touring and recording over the past four years. It was a grueling schedule for everyone. We regret that Corey won't be with us for the Tattoo the Earth tour but we fully understand and are supportive of her decision. 

"Playing bass for Nashville Pussy on this tour will be Tracy Almazon (AKA Tracy Wives) formerly of The Wives and currently a guitarist with NYC based outfit Helldorado."