Injury sidetracks Rhyme & Reason Tour

7-26-00 12:00 AM PST antiGUY
Personal injuries have plagued summer concert tours this year. First, Motley Crue drummer Randy Castillo's tummy ache proved to be move serious than a minor inconvenience and he had to undergo emergency surgery. Then James Hetfield of Metallica battled a jetski and lost resulting in a sore back. Now Mike D of the Beastie Boys injured his shoulder in a bicycle accident. 

The rapper was riding home from rehearsal in New York City last Sat when he hit a pothole and fell off of his bicycle, injuring muscles, tendons, and ligaments in his shoulder. 

The accident has caused the postponement of the Rhyme & Reason tour which was set to kick off on August 2nd in Toronto. The highly anticipated tour was to feature the Beastie Boys and Rage Against the Machine. 

The rapper is set to undergo minor surgery this week and is under doctor's orders to refrain from all physical activity for up to three months or he may lose the use of his shoulder. 

An announcement concerning the rescheduling of the tour and ticket return/exchange information is expected in the next few days.