: Zakk Wylde Bullseye Guitar Stolen!

7-06-00 3:00 PM PST antiGUY
Zakk Wylde is asking fans to help him recover his Bullseye guitar that was stolen late last week. 

Here is the official press release: 

At the Friday night, June 30th Penchant For Violence performance at the Canyon Club/Bronco Bowl in Dallas, Zakk Wylde’s original trademark ‘Bullseye’ and one of the replica guitars were stolen.

The original guitar has major sentimental value to Zakk, as it was a gift from his deceased mom and his dad for graduation from High School.  He had that guitar 3 years before he even auditioned for Ozzy Osbourne’s band, and he actually wrote his first song with Ozzy on that same guitar.

As you all can understand, Zakk is absolutely devastated.

Should you have any information with regard to these guitars, please e-mail Zakk Wylde’s webmaster Randy Canis immediately (RandyCanis@yahoo.com).  There will be a $1000 reward and the official 3-piece Black Label Society patch set for whomever returns the guitars.

We appreciate any efforts you take on Zakk’s behalf, and any information given will remain confidential.