: Eminem: "Opps! I did it to Britney Twice!" Pearl Jam and Phish sales plunge. New releases from Matchbox Twenty, Don Henley and A Perfect Circle dominate Top 10. 

6-1-00 7:00 AM PST antiGUY

Eminem is making headlines left and right this week with his latest CD The Marshall Mathers LP. First, the gay and lesbian rights group GLAAD blasted the rapper for the albums lyrical content.  (See story: Homosexual rights group offended by Eminem  ) . Now he has stolen Britney Spears’ glory not once but twice. 

The Marshall Mathers LP will debut at No. 1 next week on Billboard. Pushing the current No. 1, Britney Spears into the 2nd spot. If that wasn’t enough for the doe-eyed teen singer, Eminem also broke the record for the most albums sold in one week by a solo artist.  Spears held that coveted honor for only one week, after she sold 1.3 million last week with her sophomore release, Opps!… I Did It Again. Eminem went on to sell 1.76 million this week, forcing Britney out of the top spot on the charts and breaking her record. 

Pearl Jam might just be feeling worst than Britney right now. Last week their latest CD, Binaural entered the Billboard charts at No. 2. This week they plunged to No. 12. Phish met with a worst fate. Their album, Farmhouse, went from No. 12 all the way to No. 52! 

Other remarkable debuts this week included Matchbox twenty’s Mad Season, which captured the No. 3 spot. Don Henley took time away from his verbal jousting with Congressmen to land in the 7th spot with his new CD, Inside Job. And A Perfect Circle came in at No. 4 with Mer de Noms.

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