: The Offspring promote Napster on their web site and Motley Crue joins the debate.

6-2-00 9:00 AM PST antiGUY
The Offspring are showing that actions Speak louder than words. As a way to show their support for Napster and MP3 technology the alt-punk band is selling Napster merchandise on their official web site. 

Fans can log on to www.offspring.com and purchase Napster logo adorned T-shirts, baseball hats, and stickers. Fans can purchase the t-shirts and hats for $10 plus $3 for shipping and handling, and stickers are going for $1. 

In a statement on the site the Offspring explain why they support Napster. 

“The Offspring view MP3 technology and programs such as Napster as being a vital and necessary means to promote music and foster better relationships with our fans.," says the website "The Offspring are dedicated to understanding our fans and are committed to developing the best possible Internet presence that promotes The Offspring’s music and helps us stay in touch with the people who provide us with our livelihood, our devoted fans.” 
To further their support of MP3's, next week the Offspring will release an exclusive unreleased track for download on their web site. 

To order the Napster merchandise you can send Check or Money Orders to:

Napster Stuff
PO Box 5956
Garden Grove, CA 92846

T-shirts and the baseball hats - $10 + $3 shipping 
Stickers - $1

In related news: Motley Crüe has also come out in support of Napster. The L.A. metal/glam veterans recruited Campchaos.com to create a new animated short titled "Metalligreed". The cartoon that features the actual voices of Motley Crüe members blasting Metallica was released last week. 

In the cartoon Motley Crüe called the napster controversy "F*cking Bullsh*t".  and said of that their former label mates , "they are suing their fans to promote their tour" The Crüe went on to use the Metallica slam to promote their own new tour and album. They also include a link at the end of the cartoon for fans to download an MP3 of their new song, "Hell on high heals". 

The creators of the cartoon, Campchaos.com has gained worldwide recognition for their animated short "Napster Bad". That cartoon depicts Lars spouting off about money and his hatred of Napster. While an Ape like James Hetfield towers above him making statements like, "Money Good, Napster Bad" and "Beer Good".  Campchaos.com is not done. They plan a series of anti-metallica cartoons, next up is "metallicops", a parody of the Fox television show, "Cops". 

Not everyone is rallying against Metallica. Dr. Fever, who writes a monthly syndicated column for antiMUSIC, wrote this month's "rant" in support of the metal band. 

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