: MTV Bans Primus Video

6-16-00 8:00 AM PST antiGUY
Pollstar reports that MTV has banned the new video from Primus. MTV apparently felt that the video for "Lacquer Head" was too pro-drug. KNAC.com: the former Los Angeles heavy metal radio station which has been reborn online, is showing the video exclusively on their web site. 

"Lacquer Head" as it name implies has to do with a practice known as huffing. That is where an individual places either glue, paint, gasoline or another chemical into a bag and then inhales the fumes to get high. The Primus video shows an animation of a kid watching the band perform on TV. Then the Devil shows up and puts a contraption on his head and pours in some gasoline. The kid inhales the fumes until he blows up and is then taken to hell by Satan. 

antitorial comment. 
After viewing the video the news staff here at antiMUSIC(me, antiGUY) feel there is no way "Lacquer Head " is pro-drug. Unless you think having Satan get you high, kill you, then take you to hell is a good thing. Does MTV think that?

In fact, this may lead some people to wonder if the person who made the decision to ban this video might possibly have been under the influence. We hope that is the case because the idea that a sober mind would see this video as pro-drug is much too frightening to consider. 

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