: Van Halen to finally break the silence? 

6-13-00 8:00 AM PST antiGUY
Van Halen fans and the music press have spent the year 2000 playing a guessing game. When would Van Halen announce anything about their lead vocalist? The rumors began shortly after Gary Cherone said that he was leaving the band. First it was widely speculated that David Coverdale of White Snake fame would take over as lead vocalist. Then Sammy Hagar went on record stating he would rejoin the group only if it included David Lee Roth. A few months back the rumors went into overdrive, stating that David Lee Roth was back in the group and they would launch a major summer tour.  Major media outlets picked up the story and Van Halen has neither confirmed nor denied that Diamond Dave was back.

Through these long months of silence, Van Halen fans and web sites have guessed at about several key dates for an "official" announcement about David Lee Roth's return. All of these dates came and went without a peep from Van Halen. 

Many fans think that the reason for the silence is the band does not want to repeat the fiasco of the last time David Lee Roth rejoined the band to much fan faire only to depart a short time later. 

Now, one the most trusted sources for "unofficial" Van Halen news on the web has set a date that they believe might be D-Day(Dave day). VHND.com (The Van Halen News Desk) has told their readers to mark their calendars for June 26th. 

Did they pull that date out of thin air? No, below is an excerpt of the article that can be found at http://www.vhnd.com/archive/0600.shtml. 

ď Where did I pull this date from? Iím glad you asked! Letís have a look at a few Van Halen events related to June 26. 

"June 26, 2000 is a Monday (OK, it gets better).  Van Halen issued a press release on June 26, 1996 to announce that Sammy Hagar was no longer in the group and that they were working on new tracks for the upcoming Best Of album with David Lee Roth.  Van Halenís official web site is currently being overhauled behind the scenes and is scheduled for relaunch on, you guessed it, June 26, 2000. 

"Donít get me wrong, Iím not saying something will happen on June 26! Actually, I am. The official Van Halen web site is scheduled to be re-launched on this date. Hopefully it will coincide with the announcement weíve all been hanging out for.Ē

That news item was Posted on June 9th. Since then, the webmaster has backtracked a little by stating, "Some may have taken my June 9 update as being a prediction that Van Halen will announce the return of David Lee Roth on June 26. 

"Folks, I can tell you that this was not my intention. 

"If you read what I wrote carefully, you'll see I was just pointing out that the re-launch date of the official VH site will co-incide with the 4th anniversary of the announcement of Dave's return in 1996." 

He went on to say "It's been seven months now. The band will make an announcement when they are ready." 

Update: June 27th has come and gone and there has still been no announcement. The new Van Halen web site went live on Monday 26th and features Eddie, Alex and Michael, but no lead vocalist. So the wait continuesÖ..

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