: Pink Floyd's "Another Brick in the Wall" gets the Punk Rock cover treatment.

6-4-00 4:00 PM PST antiGUY
It has been 20 years since the hit song "Another Brick in the Wall" became a rallying cry for the youth of the western world. Almost a generation later, young fans will once again be able to sing along with the song that proclaims, "We don't need no education!"  No, we are not talking about the recently released live recordings of the blockbuster Pink Floyd, "The Wall" tour. Indeed, we are referring to the modern punk rock cover of the classic song done by The Step Kings on their critically acclaimed Road Runner Records debut, "Lets get it on."

The Step Kings walk a fine line between various musical styles with their fusion of Punk, modern metal, progressive rock and funk. Debbie Seagle from our sister site, Rocknworld.com, recently caught up with the band while they were on tour with Kittie and Shuvel and asked them about the Pink Floyd Cover. 

Below is the portion of the interview where bassist/vocalist Bob McLynn discusses the cover tune. 

Debbie:  What made you want to cover Pink Floydís "The Wall?"

Bob:  Its one of those things were Iím in my car one day and the song comes on the radio and Iím listening to the lyrics and Iím thinking man, sounds like punk rock lyrics, you know?  Its all about the youth rebelling and growing up.  Thatís what punk rock is all about, so, I mean, I just had this idea to do this crazy punk rock version of Another Brick In The Wall, and we took it in and we just started jammin on it and Mike Watt threw down a punk rock beat to it and we started jammin these crazy riffs and I started screaming the lyrics over it and it just came out as, you know.  I guess it might be a bit of blasphemy to a real Pink Floyd fan, but it's our own version.  It doesnít sound anything like the original and I think it came out pretty cool. 

"Lets get it on" containing the Pink Floyd cover was released in April and their current single "Right is Wrong" is catching on quickly with programmers at commercial and college radio stations. Currently the Step Kings are out on the road with Insane Clown Posse. 

Look for some special coverage on the Step Kings throughout the summer here at antiMUSIC and on our sister site rocknworld.com. Our coverage will include the full interview with the band, exclusive live photos, a review of "Let's get it on" and some other stuff I'm not allowed to tell you about yet.  

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