: Napter joins forces with the Offspring. 

6-6-00 8:00 AM PST antiGUY
IIt's hard to stay on top of the Napster news. One day they are asking the Offspring to stop selling t-shirts and other merchandise bearing the companies logo. Then a couple days later, Napster changes their mind and endorses the t-shirt sales. 

Napster's founder Shawn Fanning and Dexter Holland from the Offspring issued a statement today saying they will work together to bring out a complete line of Napster products. With all the profits going to the charity that Fanning and Holland agree on.  How about the Napster legal defense fund? If the President can do it, why not Napster? 

"The Offspring have been great supporters of Napster," said Fanning.  "We are looking forward to working with them."

Dexter Holland simply said, 'T-shirts good.'" 

Holland was making light of the anti-metallica cartoon, "Napster Bad", created by campchaos.com, that has become a major hit on the web

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