: Quickies: Matchbox-twenty chat with fans, Marvelous 3 finish "ReadySexGo", Tonic Rocks Kosovo.

6-6-00 8:00 AM PST antiGUY
Artistdirect.com will be hosting a fan conference with Matchbox-twenty on June 7th at 5:30 pm PST.  The members of the band will be on hand to discuss their new album, mad season by matchbox twenty.  You can log on to the conference at the following url: http://www.artistdirect.com/events/matchbox_twenty/

The Marvelous 3 have finish recorded the follow up to the "Hey album" (Rocknworld.com's pick for best pop-rock album of 1999) which contained the hit single, "Freak of the Week". The new album titled, "RedSexGo" contains some special guest players including Yogi from Buckcherry and Jeremy Popoff from LIT. The album will contain 16 tracks and is expected to be in stores in September. 

The song "Freak of the week" is also featured in the new Columbia pictures movie, "Loser". 

Tonic is set to be the first band to rock Kosovo. Below is an excerpt from the official press release. 

New York, NY - Universal recording artists Tonic will be taking a break from U.S. touring to head overseas in June.  Some of their tour dates in Europe will be with the USO, where they will bring some rock and roll  from back home over to the troops stationed in Bosnia and Kosovo.  This tour is the first in the USO concert series to visit troops in Kosovo.  While there, Tonic will perform free shows for U.S. and NATO peacekeeping troops, as Well as sign autographs, and tour military facilities.  The two shows in Kosovo will see the band performing in front of more than 6,000 American service members stationed in two camps there. The USO dates are as follows:

June 6th at RAF Mildenhall in Suffolk, England
June 12th in Tuzla, Bosnia
June 13th at Camp Bondsteel, Kosovo
June 15th at Camp Monteith, Kosovo

"If there was ever a group of people who needed some rock and roll, it would be those troops over there in Bosnia and Kosovo," says lead singer Emerson Hart.  "For the great job they're doing, they deserve some entertainment." 

Guitarist Jeff Russo agrees:  "It's an honor to be able to serve our Country by doing what we do - bringing rock music to the troops over there.  It should be an amazing experience."

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